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Archimedes Plutonium

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Archimedes Plutonium (born July 5, 1950) is, according to his own self description, "The King of Science". Plutonium believes himself to be the greatest living scientist, but few if any others share this assesment despite Plutonium's regular activity on the internet to convince people.

Plutonium was born with the name Ludwig Poehlmann in Arzberg[?], Germany. His family came to the United States of America in his youth.

Poehlmann changed his name to Ludwig von Ludwig, under which name he first posted to Usenet at the start of the 1990s. Shortly therafter he had the realization of his Plutonium ATOM Totality Theory which he believes is one of the most important breakthroughs in scientific history; according to this theory the Universe is a giant plutonium atom. He then changed his name to Ludwig Plutonium in commemoration of this great discovery. In autumn of 1994 he realized that he was the reincarnation of the great early Greek scientist Archimedes, and so once again changed his name to become the famous Archimedes Plutonium.

Plutonium has long been known for his frequent posts to Usenet, especially in the sci. (science) hierarchy. Other than the Plutonium ATOM Totality Theory, one of his most noteworthy announcements was that he has a single plutonium atom at the center of his brain, which makes him a super genius. He's also known for posting about what his favorite types of fruit and candy are to irrelevent science newsgroups, and on occasion rather ineptly trying to forge posts under the names of those who dare to suggest that he is not history's greatest genius.

Plutonium sometimes claimed on Usenet to be independently wealthy from his brilliant investments.

Plutonium was long observed on the campus of Dartmouth University, where he rode around on a bicycle and wore a homemade cape decorated with atomic symbols in magic marker. Plutonium worked as a dishwasher at one of the Dartmouth residence halls. When asked on Usenet how this observed job jibed with his claims of wealth, Plutonium explained that he only took the job in order to get internet access. In 1999 Plutonium posted various complaints about the management of Dartmouth, calling for a strike by workers there and suggesting various conspiracy theories concerning University administrators. Plutonium lost his job at Dartmouth about August of 1999. Plutonium soon after moved to Montana.

Archimedes Plutonium is often nicknamed "Arky", "Archy", and "Archy Pu" by others on the internet. His exploits are followed religiously and commented on with a mixture of mockery and amazement on the newsgroup alt.religion.kibology.

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